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What a Change in the  Weather!

It's amazing - the last time I wrote in the news page, the sun had been shining all week, and I think that was the last time it shone!  Never mind, it can only get better!  Life at Churton Heath Farm is picking up momentum.  Jim's very busy with the Stockton and Stratton meat, it seems to be coming very popular, which is great.  Unfortunately the cattle are still inside, as we can't get them on to the fields because they are still too wet, which means we have to buy silage in to feed them at the  moment -  not great!  Kids Corner has been busy, which is good- people seem to know when they want to buy a decent product - which is marvellous, and lastly the Bed and Breakfast has been busy, and we have welcomed lots of lovely and interesting guests into the house.  Anyway let's pray we get some sunshine for Chester races (in two weeks - we still have one room available for the nights of 7th and 8th May, if you're interested in going!), and once again we very much look forward to meeting you soon if you're planning a trip to Churton Heath Farm.

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