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Best Cheshire B&B 2011



News and Events from Churton Heath Farm

Find out what life is like on a modern working farm! - here's where you can read news and jottings from all of us at Churton Heath Farm.


Spring Might be on its Way!

Yesterday really felt like spring, and all the bulbs are coming out in the garden, but today of course, we had more rain!!  Jim is very busy on the farm, it's calving time, which means life is sometimes a little stressful!  The Butcher's shop is nearly finished, and we are selling a lot of meat by mail order now, which is great (see  Kids Corner( has started it's spring campaign, and people are already looking to buy play equipment for their children for the summer.  Mostly importantly, the Bed and Breakfast is starting to get very busy again, and I am really enjoying it!  We have had such lovely people to stay (and long may that continue), and we are looking forwards very much to a busy year.  I have been pursuaded to enter Churton Heath Farm Bed and Breakfast in the Visit Chester and Cheshire Best Bed and Breakfast category, which should be very interesting!!


The Electricity is Back On!

Thank goodness for the generator - as we were only reconnected to the electricity supply on Tuesday, it could have been a very long and cold weekend otherwise!  Anyway, everything is back in working order and we are looking forward to meeting all those guests that have already booked for this year, and hopefully those of you who will book in due course!


Thank Goodness for the Guests!!

Thank goodness that we have guests this weekend!!  Due to the tremendous gales that we suffered in this area on Thursday, we have been without power since Thursday lunchtime!!  With no inkling as to when the electricity company (mentioning of course no names), might come and put back the power cable that is lying flat on the ground in the middle of the field!, we put a call into a good friend that works for HSS Tool Hire and a Generator was delivered here on Friday, which means that the house was nice and warm and cosy for the arrival of our Bed and Breakfast Guests.  Had we not had B&B guests this weekend, we might be looking forward to yet another candlelit night, playing monoply and cold baths!!  Thanks for coming to Churton Heath Farm everyone!!


Best Rural Retailer - North Wales and Cheshire

We were nominated by a friend in the Countryside Alliance Best Diversification Category of the 2006 Best Rural Retailer competion in the area (North Wales and Cheshire), and we have won!!

We now have a chance of winning the overall national title and are in competition with fellow Best Diversification category winners from across the UK.  There were over 2,000 nominations this year, and only thirteen winners in our category!  The overall winner of the category will be announced at a winner's reception at the House of Lords on 7th February - how exciting, a trip to London for Jim and I!!

Fingers crossed!!



Graded At Last!!

 We had our Gradings inspector visit on Tuesday, and we have been awarded Visit Britain 4 Stars, with a Silver Award, so we are very pleased that all our hard work has paid off.  Yet again we have been blessed with lovely visitors, and we have really enjoyed our first few months of opening.  We very much look forward to welcoming you all to Churton Heath Farm Bed and Breakfast!