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Best Cheshire B&B 2011



News and Events from Churton Heath Farm

Find out what life is like on a modern working farm! - here's where you can read news and jottings from all of us at Churton Heath Farm.


Home made Chocolates and Fudge!!

I have now made some homemade Chocolates and Fudge, these are going to be a great addition to our already scrumptious welcome tray - crisps, biscuits, sherry and local cider!!


Shortlisted for Best Bed and Breakfast

Just to let you know that we have been shortlisted (yet again!) for the Best Bed and Breakfast Award, in the Annual Marketing Cheshire Awards.  Again the competition is going to be very high, so I think it is probably an achievement just to make it this far!!  I wonder when we will be "mystery judged"?!


Barn Owls on the Farm!

We found 2 Barn Owl chicks last week in the box furthest from the farm. They were 30 & 31 days old.  How fantastic is that!!



Crumble has had six puppies!



Crumble, our youngest dog is the proud Mother of 6 puppies!!  It is very exciting, and they are gorgeous!!  (Great time waster's, I have to keep looking at them to see if they are all ok, and not getting on with my work!).

We've had a busy few months, which has been great.  The boys are doing well at school, Charlie is going up to Senior School in September - where does time go?  Sam seems to have completed his first year at Senior School without breaking into too much of a sweat!


I need to mow the lawns, have let the grass grow quite long and it is now covered in daisies!!  But it won't stop raining at the moment!

Hope to see you again sometime soon.


A Lovely Email!

Hello Vanessa,

Thank you, again, for your part in making our 50th Wedding Anniversary 'Break' such a memorable one. 

We had a wonderful 2 days in Chester and N. Wales, immeasurably enhanced by the gorgeous weather (for which we hold you personally responsible!), followed by a very enjoyable visit (and excellent lunch!) at Little Moreton Hall, and 'topped off' by two very succulent 'melt-in-the-mouth' Stockton & Stratton steaks.  Perfect!!

Kindest regards