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Best Cheshire B&B 2011



News and Events from Churton Heath Farm

Find out what life is like on a modern working farm! - here's where you can read news and jottings from all of us at Churton Heath Farm.


Not Much to Report

It's just two weeks to go before the Visit Chester and Cheshire Awards Ceremony, where we have been shortlisted in the Best Bed and Breakfast Category.  Again, as said previously, the competition is very tough, but it was a great exercise to do, and we have made some changes to our rooms in anticipation of the  judging (updated the furniture etc).  We have had some lovely guests staying this weekend, it is really a pleasure looking after such lovely people, and we seem to have a few busy weeks ahead, which is good.  The boys are on half term this week, so it's all systems go, with sports courses and friends to play - let's just hope for some decent weather!!  Anyway, do come and stay with us, you'll have a great time!


Shortlisted Again!!

We have again been shortlisted in Visit Chester and Cheshire's Annual Awards, Best Bed and Breakfast Categorty, which is great!  Only we would like to win it this year (2007 seems a long way off!!)  The two other B&B's are 5 star, so the competition is going to be very tough!  Still, being shortlisted itself, is a great achievement!  Fingers crossed anyway, I think we are going to be mystery shopped this week!!  The sun is still shining, which is lovely, so let's hope that it continues, and gives us all a lovely long summer!  Sam and Charlie have settled back into school life, with Charlie playing as much sport as he can fit into his week, and Sam enjoying singing at the Cathredral.  It's all go!  Anyway must get busy and "do" my rooms - hope to meet you soon!


Finally Spring has arrived!!

What a long and hard winter it has been for everyone!!  Anyway, hopefully this week has given us all something to smile about - Sun!!  The Stratton family have just come back from a week's holiday, skiing in France, which was great fun - we seemed to do quite a lot of laughing!!  Sam and Charlie are doing so well on their ski's now, I am afraid that it's me that is holding everybody up - but at my age you just  don't seem to bounce as well as they do!!  We have yet to finish off their homework before they go back to school next week, oh well time will tell!!  The farm is keeping Jim and the men busy.  Most of the cows are outside now, which is lovely, and the pigs keep on growing (ready for lovely bacon and sausages for our guests!)  The Butcher's shop ( seems to be developing really well, and we are getting quite a few customer's calling in now, which is great!  The Bed and Breakfast has been shortlisted (again), in the Visit Chester and Cheshire Annual Awards, Best Bed and Breakfast Category, and I believe that we will be "Mystery Shopped" for the next stage within the next month!  Bookings are now coming in fast, which is lovely, so if you fancy a luxurious break in our Farmhouse, then do come and stay!!  In the meantime, let's hope that Spring continues, and develops into a lovely Summer for us all!!  See you soon, hopefully!


Snow, Snow and More Snow!!

What a long winter it has been!  I couldn't believe it when we woke up on Sunday morning to yet more snow, please, please let's have a lovely summer, and it would make all the hardship of winter worthwhile!

I can't believe it's been October since I last updated my blog, but time certainly does fly by!  We have had a busy winter, plenty of bed and breakfast guests, and lots of work on the farm.  Jim has found it quite difficult keeping the animals all fed and watered, especially when all the pipeworks were frozen, tempers certainly were quite short!  Even the boys have now found the cold weather quite tiresome!

We're really looking forward to spring, and some of the bulbs are now trying to show themselves in the garden, I can't wait to see some colour.  The sun actually came out this afternoon, so when the guests arrived, it was shining through the windows into their rooms, which was lovely!

The boys are on really good form, and are playing plenty of rugby and football, keeping Jim and I very busy, Jim taking them, and myself, well, doing the washing!!

Please come and visit us at Churton Heath Farm, I am sure that you will have a lovely time, and we would love to welcome you into our home.



Cheshire Rural Business Women's Network Award

Last week I was fortunate enough to win the Cheshire Rural Business Women's Network Award, which was a lovely award to win.  But as I said when I went up to accept the award, here at Churton Heath Farm we are a partnership, it's just that I get the opportunity to go out and network!!  Anyway thank you very much.

What lovely weather we have been having this Autumn. long may it continue.  We have still been very busy in the B & B, and people are now booking themselves in for a nice break before the winter weather comes along!!  The website seems to be coming along, and more and more customers are ordering online which is great, and the farm is keeping Jim pretty busy.  Sam (our 11 year old) is off to Paris for half term with the Chester Cathedral Choir, which I am sure he will enjoy tremendously - although I know that I shall miss him greatly!!

Hope to see you soon, and let's hope this weather keeps going!!

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